Feel free to hum to the tune of  ‘Born Free’. Yes, Finky is almost 100% back to normal. I ended up taking out his stitches, which many people are shocked to hear. It wasn’t any big deal, everything has healed and mended. It just required 3 people; one to snip, one to hold him down and one to feed him ham, all simultaneously. Here are a few pictures from a delicious brunch Kirsten hosted while we were in CT. This week I have had Andrew home with me. He has strep throat, but is luckily on the mend. This morning we finished a Simpson’s puzzle that Shari had given him for Christmas. Archie ate one of the pieces unfortunately. He had been quite the naughty dog while we were away, making most of his time while Marc was at work to eat: a bag of skittles, bag of m&m’s, 2 Christmas pencils, a gingerbread house, a marshmallow santa and paper plate.