Okay some trivial, but important things I need to share, before they slip my mind. I finally made the cranberry nut bread that I had been craving since December 1st! And it is so good that I have made two this week. It only needs 2 Tbs. of canola oil to boot, so it’s kind of healthy. We finally made Andrew’s musical instrument, a pan pipe from pvc tubes. Marc had bought two different diameter tubes, and Andrew and I made one set together and then he used up the other pipe and made another on his own. Good thing, because the wider tubes didn’t make much of a sound, but the narrower ones worked pretty well. I kept thinking of Zamphire (sp?) . Do recall those commercials for his ‘haunting recordings’ on his pan pipes, that were on t.v back in the 80’s? Okay on to KOL, or Kings of Leon. I had borrowed their new double Cd from the library and loved it, although I didn’t get to listen to the 2nd cd due to the constant rotation of Christmas music we had playing. But, while we were in CT, Marc recorded a show about them on ‘Palladia’. It was an interview and concert clips, taken over 48 hours. Watching it on tv was better than being squished into a crowded concert venue, yes I realise I am showing my age by saying that. But anyway it was a great program, and this station, which was new to me has other concerts and interviews all the time. I recorded, but haven’t watched ones on Robert Plant, Rascall Flatts and the Killers. Okay, now some more pop-culture. I only knew about this show from reading about the main actors in People and Us magazines. Last night I watched the two episodes of the first season of ‘True Blood’. It’s a series about Vampires on HBO. First off, thank goodness I didn’t watch it with Sophia, I had no idea how explicit it was. OH MY WORD. It makes the Soprano’s look tame! Swearing, violence, blood (of course) and sex! The first show I don’t think I could judge because I was so shocked. The thing is every episode ends on such a cliff hanger, so of course that hooked me! The lead actress is Sukie and she is played by Anna Paquin, from the Piano, one of my favorite movies. Okay, I got all that off my chest. Here is Andrew’s best book rest. Is that a great cat? I’ve been thinking that, when the vet bill pops into my head. We just started the new Tumtum and Nutmeg book.