Hello on a wet and icy Wednesday. Andrew and I braved the elements and took Archie for his walk. We did our best to clear some of the clogged storm drains. What a mess it is out there. I have some little birdies on my desk, which will be part of a valentine. They have been fun to cut and make. Yesterday was the perfect day, grey and cold to try a new dough. This one is a whole wheat bread and it turned out delish. Marc said it was the best bread yet. I’m very proud to say that I only ate 1 slice. Can you see my halo glowing? The kids have today off and they came home early yesterday. Sophia’s art club has only met once due to the snowy conditions and she has had to cancelled swim lessons. We are going to brave the elements and venture to the library this morning. How to train a dragon, the dvd, and The Tudors, also a dvd came in for us. Oh, and before I forget it is a special day for Michelle today, her b-day, Happy Birthday Michelle. Did you get a day off to celebrate?