We celebrated some over the weekend. Marc invited me to the movies and we saw ‘The King’s Speech’. It’s a good film, I just wish I wasn’t aware of all the oscar hoopla surrounding it. Sophia was baking again and we came home from the movies to a house filled with the aroma of freshly made gingersnaps. On her wish list, was to have waffles, whipped cream and strawberries for dinner. She got the idea from a book she had read. Well we had a light dinner and w-wc&s for dessert. Why had I never thought to try this combo? It was absolutely divine! We used our Hello Kitty waffle iron and Trader Joe’s pancake mix ( I used half water and half butter milk and added a bit of sugar). Alas I didn’t photograph them because I didn’t want to tear myself away from my plate. I’m still keeping to eating better and that might be why they tasted so good. Quite a difference from celery sticks! I tore this recipe from the Parade. It looks so good and only has 4 ingredients. I’m also showing off the beautiful Valentine from Kirsten and my heart watch. Have a great heart/love/chocolate day!