Hello dear reader. I should be outside enjoying the sunshine, but I thought I put up a post and photos from yesterday’s sale. All in all it went well. Easy set up and the fastest breakdown thus far. I made my entrance fee, but not much profit beyond that. The crowd was good and steady, just not that many sales. I enjoyed people and dog watching and Sophia did a lot of drawing and exploring. She visited the Providence Anthenium to sketch and read Mad magazines, saw paintings at the RISD museum and walked to Thayer street for a little retail therapy. Doreen visited us and it was so nice to be in her company. Today we just ate warm scones and were re-visiting the royal wedding. Sophia has a friend over who doesn’t have a television and she wanted to see the event. My bedroom is filled with bins of my work that need to be organised and the washer and dryer are working hard. I can hardly believe just one week ago it was Easter. It seems much longer and I have such good memories of the day.