Hello, still haven’t made magic cleaning action happen here. Yesterday my excuse was a middle of the day appointment for Andrew’s yearly exam. I love our pediatrician. She is the BEST and has helped us in so many ways through the years. Andrew has inherited all my tendencies for worrying. She had a great recommendation for a workbook to use. One of his triggers for becoming more fretful is lack of sleep. She had great ideas for that and best of all for reducing ‘screen’ time. The recommendation for children is 1 hour a day of screen time. We are going to try our best and reach and maintain this goal. I’d be lying to you if I said Andrew took this news well. He is the type of child that doesn’t play well independently, so an easy solution for him is to plug into his DS, Wii or watch a Simpson episode. I hope we can start to wean him and develop some new skills and hobbies. EASIER SAID than DONE! I’ll let you know how it goes! In other news, everything is slowly turning green. I notice changes just overnight! Enjoy your day.