In Andrew’s case it would be Yoda, Apu and a catfish. We started a project this morning and it will be a new door plaque for his room. You can see his current one is a little outdated! We have also made pretzels (I had an Auntie Anne’s recipe from the internet) and have been taking Archie on pond walks. The skunk cabbage is flourishing right now. Several times this week I had thought that Mother’s day had already happened! We are fans of the t.v show the Middle and they did a great episode on Frankie’s ( the mom on the show) M-day. It didn’t goes as she had hoped and there was an attempt to have a M-day do-over which failed even more. I hope any Mom’s reading my blog will have the Mother’s day of their wishes, whatever they might be. I think mine will involve donuts and magazines, a surefire win-win combo in my book. Weather permitting I’d love to go the flea market in Seekonk, but we’ll see. I just uploaded all my ‘letter’ initial paper cuts on my esty site/shop. YAY! Or t for terrific. You can see them here: