Here are some photos of our spring signs we made. Sophia made a Moomin inspired door sign for her room. Not familiar with Moomin? I think it is a well known comic from Finland with a sweet and oddball cast of characters. Andrew started painting his Yoda, Apu & catfish trifecta. I felt our spring sheep on our front door were looking a little shop worn, so I made some butterflies. I love painting on brown grocery bags, it is very satisfying. I staple around the edges of each butterfly and then stuff them with the bags our newspapers come in. I purposely didn’t paint a monarch, because I didn’t want to channel those plastic ones, that used to be popular about 20 years ago, here in RI, that and the white climbing kittens. Oh, one of my new letter paper cuttings was included in a great treasury, take a peak, the theme is what’s in name :