will customize! Hello. I just finished a gift for my niece’s birthday. It was done under a tight deadline and sometimes the best ideas happen that way. One of my flea market purchases was a messenger bag from Columbia. I thought Sophia would like or use it, but she was lukewarm to it. So I had the gift wrapped for my niece and it just lacked something. So I threw some ideas out to my kids and with their feed back we came up with a panda bag. It was super fun to make, especially since my sewing machine behaved and didn’t cause any problems (although I did break 2 machine needles). I had an outgrown hoodie of Sophia’s that I thought I might reuse the for a hat. Well it turned out to be perfect panda fur. I made a squared sleeve to cover the existing bag flap. I use the buttonhole stitch on my sewing machine to attach the face shapes to the background fabric. It helps to have a paper towel underneath to stabilize it. We filled the bag with her gift and some things from our collections that she might like or use on her train ride to D.C.