Yeah, we live life on the edge here. Yesterday I conquered a big culinary fear: deep frying. I had promised Andrew we would try and make homemade doughnuts. This is what happens when you reduce your child’s screen time. Instead of playing his DS, he is trying to think up things to do now. So this was an idea. So we gave it a go. I had the fire extinguisher ready and had informed Marc that he was the go-to fireman if we needed one. I’m happy to say that we were fire and burn free. It helped to have a step by step recipe. They came out pretty good. I think we all liked the doughnut holes the best. If we try doughnuts again, I would try a yeast recipe. We used a buttermilk/cake like one. I found myself smelling doughnuts for the rest of the day. We all went for a walk at Beavertail lighthouse and I could still smell them. Sophia thought it was in our hair and I think our nostrils were coated, but it was a good smell!