Sophia spent 3 dollars at the Seekonk Flea-market yesterday. There were a lot of vendors, maybe due to the long weekend. My 3 clams bought a sheep plaque, wooden rolling-pin and square dish. Sophia’s 3 bucks bought a vintage Archie comic poster calendar, a kit to build an ant and a two-headed llama. The weekend has been very summer-ie. We have a new grill and have been trying new things on it. Today we made dough and Marc grilled pizzas for lunch. Very gourmet! This afternoon, we continued on our doughnut odyssey. This time we used a yeast dough and glazes. Here is the link to the recipe we

used: It was a challenge to get the temperature right and then keep it there. I had more oil in the dutch oven this time and it was tricky getting the doughnuts in and out of the HOT OIL! The recipe made over 15 doughnuts and the kids tried to sell them. Alas, they only made 1 sale. It could be called the day of dough. I think I need to take another walk!