I will be participating in this art fair on Saturday June 11th. Keep your fingers crossed for me that there will be many eager shoppers in my tent. Nothing is as disappointing than spending the day without any sales. I have been spoiled by the RISD shows, as they provide the tent table and chairs. But in other news. Over the weekend, Sophia had a tremendous case of swimmer’s ear. Luckily our pediatrician has Saturday hours. We had gone on Thursday, but the ear got so swollen that the eardrops couldn’t get to the problem. Andrew had two baseball games, go Tiger-sharks! And I went to not one, not two but three neighborhood yard sales. And I didn’t buy one thing! I could have done well if I had needed baby gear. I had toured these sales on my bike, which was the best way to get around. Marc and I went to see The Hangover Part 2, and it stunk! Our paper hoodwinked up by claiming that it was funnier that the original. NO, no, not at all. In fact we didn’t even have one hearty chuckle and it was unnecessarily¬†offensive. Save your money! Okay, I’ll get off my soap-box now.