We at the start of some hot weather this week. I’m amazed at how quickly the weather can change. Last night we went to the high school to watch Sophia get inducted into the National Honor’s society. I am so proud of this gal of mine. She is a self-motivated student and worked hard all year. It was fun to see friends and neighbors who we have lost touch with. I also was amazed at the range of height and development of the kids. Seventh grade is a wide gamut, some looking like 4th graders and others looking college bound. In other news my garden is bursting with peonies. I gave a big bunch to our bus monitor and have plenty more to share. When they are done my perennials will be finished. I have yet to plant any annuals, due to our local deer families. I also have some sad empty window flower boxes. Everything I try in them fry in sun. Help is on the way, as my Mom will be visiting for my b-day and she has a great green thumb, unlike my own grey one. If it is hot and your reading this, go ahead and have that ice-cream cone. In fact an ice-cream based dinner sounds like a plan!