Hello, it’s been a grey, cold and rainy weekend here in RI. So what is one to do, well in my case bake! Yesterday I made the first blueberry muffins of the season. They were so good, I love any sweet/tart combination. It was chilly enough to make cocoa with them. Today I made yeast dough and am baking cinnamon rolls and crescent rolls. I did not participate in yesterday’s Garden City. The weather was rainy and cold. I was all packed and ready to go but due to the weather, stayed home. It was weird not going, after planning and preparing for it all week. In the end I know I would have been miserable as I watched my work get soggy. Instead, Sophia and I unloaded the car and I went to 3 yard sales and spent .75 cents. This is what three-quarters bought: a vintage lamb and cake carrier! Here’s to your Sunday, maybe you’re even seeing the sun. Meanwhile I hear a cinnamon bun calling my name!