Hello! I am getting so much done today. It is always such a good motivator having guests visit, especially one’s Mom! Thanks to her I got so many pesky things that needed to be cleaned, put away and or re-arranged. I was also having a vigorous weeding session this morning. I am enjoying my last Peonies. I had been ignoring their splayed selves and so many of them got brown due to the rain. I was just looking online for ‘the best birthday cake recipe’. I’m torn between making my cake from scratch or a mix. The last time I made a layer cake from scratch it was like blonde bricks, so I’m a little gun-shy. I want to magically recreate our wedding cake. It was a good vanilla cake with raspberry and chocolate ganache icing. Yum! I’ll keep you posted. Right now I’m all fancy smancy, with my eggs and butter out, getting to room temperature. I’ll bake the cake tonight, so I’m not frosting a cake that’s still warm, like we usually do. The hard part will be smelling it and not having a piece. Let’s hope I can resist! Meanwhile, I have to share a photo of my b-day present from Shari: Doesn’t it look fabulous! I am itching to try it, yum!