No more birthday fuss? No more using the ‘it’s my birthday week’ excuse to have another treat? It was a good one, especially since I got to celebrate with my Mom! The weekend was hectic, we caught Andrew’s last and Mormor’s first baseball game. We grilled, I made/ baked blueberry treats for Marc in recognition of Father’s Day. We shopped and lunched, made it to swim practice, found Father’s day gifts and enjoyed a preview of summer weather! I bought some spray paint when Mom and I were at Wal-mart. I’m re-doing/decorating my bicycle. My inspiration is the color palette of designer Cath Kitson (SP?). It turned out to be a huge mess! Three of my fingers are still blue. It’s not done yet, as I have grand plans of stitching a strawberry themed seat cover and lining the basket with fabric. We shall see how far I get. Sophia thinks I need to ride with a bouquet of flowers in the basket and or a white puppy or kitten. Hope all you folks reading this had good weekends and Father’s days.