*Sort of. Last week I made this condolence card. (The tree on gold) (Lately all my images get out of order when I publish my posts) I was pleased with the results and thought of making some cards for Sophia and Andrew’s teachers. I thought of writing ‘we were so lucky to have you as a teacher’ and having a four-leaf clover as an image. So these are the cards I made: My next idea is to take empty blueberry boxes and put a blueberry muffin in each one, along with the card. I wanted to make cookies and use empty strawberry boxes, but I don’t have any. I’m thinking of stamping white tissue paper with blueberry stamp, that I’ll make out of carved eraser. We shall see. I also have, I have to remind myself an end of the year party to get ready for on Tuesday. Sophia wanted fondue on the menu and I was able to buy a second fondue set at our local re-sale shop for $1.50! So one can be for cheese and the other for chocolate fondue. Yum!