Hello, I hope those reading this post had a great 4th of July. We had a very fine one. Marc had taken a few days off. He and Andrew went fishing on the 7B’s and we had that flounder for dinner. Sophia and I met with Michelle and had a good shopping/lunching/gabbing session with a library run as well. I spied an anchor and ship’s wheel’s necklace at our favorite T.J Maxx. I was too thrifty* to buy it and of course wanted it to complete my 4th of July outfit (this year I had several). So on the ride home Sophia innocently said that I could probably make one out of shrinky dinks. Well, that was the match that lit the jewelry making fire we have had. We needed beads for this necklace and we found some plastic tiles that we then started mod-podging images onto, to make our own charms, which led to the making of charm bracelets, which led to making themed charm bracelets. So over the weekend every moment that we could, we have been printing images, glueing, beading and making! It is so fun. So far I have made 3 charm bracelets, a general one (with vintage children images), a bird one and a red riding hood themed one. The laugh of it is, I never finished the anchor necklace! The base of my bracelets is a necklace from Wal-Mart that had nice sturdy links. I have always wanted a charm bracelet, but they never fit my wrists. So I guess I making up for lost time. I plan to wear one on the flight to California, with the hope that it will keep me feeling well, or cheer me up if I get air sick. I’ll let you know if it works! *The laugh of it is, it would of been much cheaper to buy the original necklace!