Today was/is our last day in beautiful San Diego. We had a wonderful time and I think California has left a big impression on us all. We spent the day in La Jolla today. Marc and the kids went snorkeling in the cove here. They explored a cave, saw sea lions and swam with fish. In the morning before their snorkeling tour, we tried to visit a big flea market. Unfortunately we were pressed for time and it was a little hairy to park there. So, I dropped them off and went and explored a nearby town and visited Salvation Army, Goodwill and a big thrift shop. I found nothing in these places, but it was fun to search. I did do well in a Ross, which is similar to a Marshall’s but much cheaper. There I found two cute dresses. After picking up the deep-sea divers, we had lunch in La Jolla and explored the town. It was so picturesque! For me more impressive than Beverly Hills. Tonight the boys are at a Padres baseball game in San Diego and Sophia and I are going to have sushi for dinner. It has been so fun for me/us to be sharing the trip we you guys, dear readers! Thank you for all the great comments! Here are some other photos from the week, as the camera is at the ballgame.