and the vacation is over! Hello, we made it home fine and dandy. Thank you, creator of Dramamine, I had no problems on either flight! Yesterday was spent doing loads and loads of laundry and vacuuming up a week’s worth of dog and cat fur. Both pets were in great shape, yes, even our big-boned Finky. I had left a smaller scoop in his kibble bin, so he can be swimsuit ready. Sophia and Marc were shocked that his food was restricted for the week, and thought he look weak and gaunt. In my cleaning and unpacking frenzy, Marc wisely volunteered to go to the supermarket and I thought a lot about Cali! Here in Rhode Island we are expecting some severe thunderstorms late this afternoon and tomorrow. It is like an oven today, so I hope the rain will cool things off. I had so many silly stresses yesterday and this morning. For one Andrew’s neck still is bothering him, (I’m waiting for a call back for the Dr.), the swim class I signed Sophia up for this week had been mistakenly typed in for a week that has already come and gone, my email wanted a password and would not accept the one I had for it, I needed to get in contact with the person arranging the fall schedule for another papercutting workshop, who had left me numerous emails while I was away. A real hurricane in a tea-cup. I also overdid it, reading the blogs that I follow while fighting with my email account and got a serious case of the green envy’s reading and seeing all the wonderful and creative things these talented artists were/are up to. So that’s 411 here. I’m still trying to switch gears and wonder if it will cool off enough to make dinner.