It sure feels like it. Mr. Finkle is doing all that he can to retain some composure in this heat. This morning I am sharing some photos that Shari took during our visit. I will have to keep the photo of myself and Mr. Huckle on the down low. We wouldn’t want Finky to get jealous. Although he was probably in heaven when we/I was away last week. Poor Huckle had to endure my countless expression of ‘He’s SO SOFT!’, again and again. Anyhoo, today we have a trip to Wal-Mart planned. We are low on t-paper and other necessities. I took all the kids on a nature hike this morning and they are trying to cool off. How? With a little basement time and I’m sure Wii. Keep cool dear readers, as I type this it sounds like there is a locomotive in the background chugging along, but it is just Archie. Here’s another hot dog, the famous dog sculpture from Roger William’s zoo!