Things are pretty quiet here today. Andrew is making Chocolate Chip cookies and Sophia is at the movies. She is seeing the last Harry Potter film. Last night I made a lasagna, so we are having left-overs for dinner. I used a recipe from Shari (thank you) and it came out so good! Half of it is veggie and the other half is sausage. To escape yesterday’s heat we  went shopping. We would have gone to the library but here in RI they were closed in observance of Victory Day. One of our stops was Savers. It wasn’t my favorite one, but we managed to find some goods. Andrew picked out this t-shirt, Sophia found this hilarious ‘Cake Wreck’ book (they have a web-site) and I came away with this skirt. It is a little long and big and I had plans to take it in and shorten it. Well, I am wearing it with a safety-pin for the moment and that seems to be working. Tomorrow I have a much-needed eye exam. I am also looking forward to picking out new frames, if my prescription has changed. I love my Silouettes, but maybe a change is in order. The Mr. was cleaning the gutters on his first day of vacation. He is also the movie driver, not the most exciting of activities, but needed and appreciated ones!