out of the big Apple! Hello, we are home again. It was a quick trip to my Mom & Dad’s for a family luncheon and a girls’ outing into Manhattan. We had so much fun and saw so many inspiring things. The cuteness factor at Kinokunya Bookstore was huge! They had the most amazing craft books, interior design books and stickers! I am not doing it justice, it is just something you have to see for yourself. I got a bit of cold feet after googling the directions for Mood Fabrics. Along with the directions, people left comments at this site, regarding their experience at the store. All of the comments were horrible and we were so pleasantly surprised to find just the opposite to be true! We even got to see and pet their dog Swatch. The weather couldn’t have been better, postcard perfect. Now we are back and missing all the family and fun that we had. Marc and Andrew were at Thursday’s Patriot game and had a good time as well. They also spent time hitting golf balls, playing a round of pitch and putt and mowing the lawn. Andrew did the backyard with the push mower and thought it was fun. Let’s see if it’s still fun a second time!