I think my off button has been stuck! This will be a mixed bag of a post. I have new and (I hope) good ideas for Papercuttings, yay! I met with a woman who is interested in showing some of my work at the Rochambeau library in Providence yesterday. My work will be in a display case, downstairs, in a conference room. High traffic area it is not. I will also hang some cuttings in 6 windows in a vestibule space they have. The kids came along and we all had a treat at Seven Stars bakery before my meeting. We also popped into a great toy shop on Hope Street, where I discovered these amazing mobiles. I (Marc) bought one for me for our Anniversary, isn’t that a great gift? Sophia also found and bought these funny straws that flavor your milk. You can see more of the mobiles on my Pinterest site, http://pinterest.com/ingridlavoie/. Yes I started making boards as well as Shari. I’m not sure I’m doing it right but it is fun! I’m also sharing photos from Marc and Andrew’s fishing trip. I think it was the last hurrah for our fishermen this summer. They caught two sea bass, you can see from sea to our plate! Last night I cleaned up both my desks so that I can actually use them. They had become dumping grounds over the summer. Now I have my mobile overhead to help keep the inspiration flowing!