*Formerly my new hat! Mr. Drew has claimed it and has been wearing it since I/we got it in the mail. Peggy, one of Marc’s aunts remembered that I had wanted to make one. The only glitch being that I don’t know how to knit. Well we chatted about knitting at a family cook-out and she had lots of good suggestions. I ended up sending her a book with patterns, so she could advise if they could be made by a beginner. She tried one of the patterns and sent me the result. Thank you Peggy! It has been getting lots of use! Yesterday I cut this small piece. I wanted to get my hands used to cutting again and slowly ease them into ‘shape’. Sophia had the idea to cut a piece for the mirror in the car, and have my info on it, sort of like a little advertisement. I have never tried to hang anything from my mirror. My Mom has always stated she would get carsick if she had something hanging there, so I assumed I would. We shall see, I haven’t taken a test drive yet. Please excuse the garage shots, I am cringing. Sophia also thought to cut  and make my own Scherenschnitte bumper sticker. I’d like to try it, especially if I could buy some vinyl.