Hello! How did you fare the tropical storm? We were without power for three days. Last night the lights came back on at around 8 p.m. We pulled into our driveway and saw that the neighbors had lights blazing! Oh how happy we all were/are. The hardest part of our storm experience was throwing away everything in our fridge and freezer. Here in Rhode Island, the storm was to hit on Sunday, so on Saturday I headed out on my own, figuring I’d be bonding with the kids plenty on Sunday. I found a new shower curtain at Home Goods, which snowballed into a slight re-do for our bathroom. It was good to have something to work on during the storm. I was inspired to make bird plates and gave it a go, making my own version. The results are pretty clunky. I used contact paper on plain white dishes, cut my bird design and then spray painted it, and carefully peeled the contact paper away to reveal the white of the plate and bird. My spray paint ran under parts of the contact paper. I was more patient and did several light coats I bet the results would of been much neater.