Hello, just a quick post. I should be upstairs wrapping up the loose ends for my workshop. Instead I’m trying not to listen to the siren song from on top of my fridge. Yesterday I had to make an apple cake. Just because I needed to have a slice of something homemade, warm, delicious and utilizing our fresh apples. This recipe: http://smittenkitchen.com/2008/09/moms-apple-cake/ fit the bill perfectly. It is a FABULOUS cake. It was a slice of heaven warm and I thought and hoped I wouldn’t like it today, being not fresh for the oven, but it was still divine! I wish I could slice up a piece, so that you’d agree with me and save me from eating another piece myself. Here is another pin, although it still isn’t just right for my new hat. Okay, now that I have all this important and vital information shared, I’ll stop stalling. Oh, in some circles I think this cake is also called ‘Teacher’s pet’.