I have been working on some ideas. I recently bought a bag of wooden clothes pins from Savers. One of my ideas was to make a Christmas ornament/card with them. It would be difficult to send them, not to mention expensive. At the same time I’ve been thinking about some new work to cut and sell at the RISD holiday art sale. So here are some trials for an paper angel ornament. My goal is to have some less expensive items that hopefully sell well. I also tried to keep the cutting less complicated, so I can make them fairly easily. I made a lot of hair prototypes, which was fun. We are on the cusp of a long weekend. I am very much looking forward to sleeping past 6! Tomorrow I set up at the Rochambeau library, as soon as it is all in place, Sophia and I plan to visit ‘Frog & Toad’ and have a treat at Seven Stars bakery, yum!