Boy that was a fast week. I have been absorbed in trying to take my lantern design to the next level. I found this great site: which will laser cut your design in a wide range of materials. I spent many hours trying to get my file uploaded to their site. In doing so I’ve gotten familiar with inkscape, a free program that is similar to illustrator. Hallelujah to Pinterest, where I found tutorials on using inkscape. I’ve made progress but today have met another roadblock. I’ll take a break, clean my dirty kitchen floor and revisit the situation. So that’s all the excitement happening here! Marc is going to his 25th high school reunion this weekend and it’s my 20th reunion for RISD. In baking news I tried this recipe, which is hugely popular online and I can see why. These banana crumb muffins were delish, especially warm out of the oven. Have a great weekend!