in my studio last night. Sleeping beasts, instead of beauties. I made some more ornament prototypes. A fox to join the fowls. Baby J. and a fat cat on a chair. I hope to cut some more today. Much of the morning was spent making a new sample file to send to Ponoko to do a trial laser cutting. I was making a simpler and smaller file to test, but ran into the same problems and have yet to get my file uploaded. Let’s hope we can get the situation resolved. It can be frustrating. I awoke at 4 this morning with ideas and solutions churning in my head, and couldn’t get back to sleep. In bad Mothering news, Sophia came home with a negative scoliosis screening, which could be the cause of her wearing out her left shoe at a crazy angle. I have been complaining that she should correct her gait and stop turning in her foot. Oy. I’m having flash backs to reading Judy Blume’s Deenie.