to cut from paper, than people. I don’t have a good mojo or groove going today at my cutting board. Big. Sigh. The weekend highlights were as such, Saturday -crazy, Sunday -fun. Why was Saturday crazy? I guess doing 5 loads of laundry, making a Halloween costume, helping create an interactive Pride and Prejudice project, cleaning the fridge, cleaning the pantry, going to the supermarket, giving Andrew a haircut and figuring out how to load new ink into my printer might of done it. I was in shock and denial that the laundry had been neglected for so long. Oh well, it’s behind me now and I hope to stay on top of things this week. As, I mentioned Sunday was fun. I left home early so I could hit the flea market before meeting the gals for Doreen’s b-day, Happy B to you Do! It was chilly and if I had found a pair of gloves that fit me, I would of bought them. I did find a gift for Andrew (his b-day is Saturday) and two pieces of pottery. I got such a kick out of one of the vendors, who told me that my hair looked good today. He was an older gentleman and I wondered if he had been following my previous ‘bad hair’ days on other Sundays.