Happy Birthday to you dear Andrew! Can it really be ten years ago that you came into the world? This morning I heard you, at 4:50 am, too excited to sleep any longer. I hope your day is all that you hoped for. And that the next ten years slow down, just a little. It has been a great week mail-wise for our boy. Thank you Aunties and dear ones for the cards and gifts. In other news, the Mri is behind us, (finally) and it went fine. We were so happy that it didn’t take 45 minutes. Joe, our technician was so kind and explained every aspect of the MRI to Sophia. We had brought a book on CD and she listened to it while the test(s)/pictures were taken. Of course I wanted Joe to say that the images looked absolutely normal, but he didn’t comment on them. He is only taking the photos, another technician will read them, possible in the next 24-36 hours. I also have a disc to bring to our neurologist with the images as well. So now just waiting until Tuesday’s appointment.