That’s how I feel about having my work, that I hope to sell at the Risd Holiday Sale laser cut. Tomorrow I’m heading back to Precision laser to do a sample cutting of one of the Christmas ornaments. Fingers crossed, I hope that the finished product looks good. If not, I have to re-think what I intended to produce and sell. Shari suggested I look into the Silhouette cutting machines. They have a new one that looks very good (take a peek Dad, So that could be a solution. I will have lost time if the laser doesn’t pan out and have to get busy hand-cutting. In other news, it has been the weekend of dough. I made pizza from scratch on Saturday. I think I found a better recipe for pizza dough. Andrew had a friend over and I had not much in the way of lunch to serve. They made a gingerbread Halloween house together. Andrew had got a kit for his b-day. Their soccer season ended with a tournament of three games. Today I made a sweet yeast dough for crescent  and cinnamon rolls. Boy that was one batch of baked goods that could not be made fast enough! And something you can’t speed up either. We ate them warm/hot from the oven for lunch. It seemed like a long Sunday with the clocks turned back. The kids and I went to the Warwick mall. Andrew had b-day money to spend and he had hoped to buy a lego advent calendar. It was the second time we had been there since the floods of 2010. It was kind of meh. Nothing to write home or in a blog about. We did ooh and ahh all the cute earrings at Claires. Sophia was mulling over getting her ears pierced but didn’t.