Today I got my package from Ponoko. I was so sure I had ordered the material to be a light bamboo, but instead it was made with red felt. You can see the white paper sample from Precision laser as well. I really like the thickness of the felt. The color is great for the holidays, except the underside is burned a tan color that you can kind of scrape off and see the red underneath, but then you have a pile of tan powder. The test from Ponoko was 7 inches by 7 inches and it cost $51 to cut, pay for materials and send. SIGH! The paper sample I had cut at Precision was inretrospect to light-weight and since it is white paper you can see (and smell) the burned edges. Meanwhile I’m back to hand cutting everything. I don’t know if I would explore this further, maybe in the future. For now though, I need to get things made for the December 3rd RISD Holiday sale.