hello! I have been a absent blogger. Truth be told, I was in a kerfuffle. Over the weekend I spent a lot of time cutting pieces that were too much to cut by hand. I thought I’d just cut some ornaments from heavier card stock and be on my merry way. Well, I hardly have anything to show for my efforts other than  a sore hand. It’s back to the drawing board. Meanwhile I had a good vent-moan-woe session with Shari. She gave me a pep talk and two things happened. My Mom called and she had a commission for me and I got a check from Studio hop. Two things that I needed. A puff of wind for my sagging sails. The commission was to commemorate a meeting, or you could say an anniversary. In 1956 an american GI met my Mom in Denmark. In a nutshell he has/had been trying to re-connect with her all these years. They, along with my Dad spent 4 days in New Orleans getting reacquainted. Both my parents said meeting Ray Scott was like spending time with an old friend. In the piece I tried to add some symbols of this happening and the years in-between. I have bass fish, as Ray is a hugely successful business man, of Bass-Pro fishing boats. The letters my Mom wrote to him, the flags of Denmark and America and a fleur de lis to represent New Orleans. My Mom has no recollection of meeting Ray, much to his disappointment. I’m packing it up to send to my Mom, where she will send it on to Alabama.