Last night I put together a mock version of a calendar that I will be selling at the RISD holiday sale. It is coming up quickly and is on December 3rd. I hope it doesn’t look to much like a kitchen table production. I hand lettered the type as that was the quickest way to ‘git er done’. Inkscape is tough to figure out, like how to change the units of measure, so you can get an idea of what the size of your layout is. I hope that the grey line under the house won’t show up when it is ‘professionally’ copied. On the other hand when the year is over you can follow that line and cut away the calendar part and have a paper ornament for your window. There are many styles of letterpress calendars out there that I was inspired by. I cut a ‘Summer’ paper cut for sale, borrowing from some of the images from my piece that my Mom commissioned. Sunday night we got our gravy on and had a pot roast. It was cozy and I am looking forward to some of the best gravy, that would be my Mom’s tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving, dear reader(s).