Do you think the elves feel that way? I hope not. I’ve been working like an elf this week. I cut 24 more angels for Nina’s gallery, Studio Hop. Marc is delivering them on his lunch break today, which is such a help. I cut a capital G for an etsy commission and have one more special order to do for next week. Today my car goes to the shop. It has been driving as if it was about to konk out. I want it to be in tip top form for our drive to Boston on Friday. Sophia has an appointment with a neurologist at Boston’s Children’s hospital. It will nice to have that behind us. So that’s the way the week is progressing. I have not one homemade or baked good in the house and have been eating stale fig newmans. I bake all year round and then December comes and we’re eating store bought stuff. Hopefully I get some butter and sugar creaming and make something delicious soon. The house still looks like we are going to celebrate Thanksgiving, hmm wouldn’t it be great to have one of Santa’s elves to help?