Bit by bit the house is getting decorated. I would say we are 90% there. It was a nice weekend. We spent Saturday in the company of Michelle, who in my opinion is like a bff/cheer leader/beloved auntie all rolled into one fabulous person. Our lunch was representing of just one food group-dough! She brought scrumptious doughnuts and I made aebleskiver. We washed these doughy delights down with local milk and Trader Joe’s chocolate dipped Jo-Jo’s. Yes I’m wearing stretch pants today. We also got our tree today. It is a biggie and decorating it was and is always a trip down memory lane. Where has the time gone? I was admiring a baby at the tree lot that had a santa hat on and as I hung an ornament of my own former santa baby (Sophia at 5 months on Santa’s lap) I wondered how could it be 13 years later? Time is funny and I’ll leave it at that.