Hello, yes I’m tired. We made our trip to Waltham today. It went without any hitches, yahooooo! The facility was basically a whole children’s hospital. I thought it was just going to be an MRI lab. It looked brand new and was really beautifully designed. I opted to hang out in the waiting room as it can be pretty noisy in the room where the mri takes place. It took over an hour and now we/I are just waiting to hear what they find or not find. Fingers crossed we will hear something before Christmas. On our way home we drove past Brandeis University and made a pit stop at Trader Joe’s. Last night we had a cozy evening with our dynamic swim friends. I made brownie santa hats, which I have admired over on Pinterest. They were a hit, but if you make them I’d use paper liners as I had a devil of time getting my brownies out of the mini muffin pan. Tonight by the skin of my teeth I finished up 10 gifts for teachers and bus driver & aides, oy!