Oh, where oh where did December go? Well, time to face the candy canes and admit Christmas is here, whether or not I’m ready for it. I’m in pretty good shape, just a few more things to cut and wrap. I’d like to make some cinnamon rolls too. The kids are studying the packages under the tree and have opened the gifts for each other. Sophia gave Andrew the latest Wimpy kid book and Andrew got Fi a Simpson poster. Last night we had an early x-mas dinner. For dessert we had rice pudding. Marc found the almond, breaking Sophia’s winning record. I thought it was good, until I discovered I hadn’t cooked the rice enough (even though it had been simmering for 2 hours, SIGH). I tried not to imagine that I was biting down on a fingernail while eating it, ugh! Chalk that up with the over-dry stollen I baked. SIGH. Any hoo, just a quick christmas eve hello! Fi and I are are going to a Christmas bell service at a local church tonight. Andrew and Marc will go to a family party. Wishing you dear reader a good day and evening, whether you celebrate or not.