snot central. Have I lost my readership after that sentence? I would deserve it, but really, this cold, I just am bewildered by it’s length and productiveness of, well I won’t say it again. I am also craving all things baked, bready, pasteryish, something combining that perfect trifecta of sugar, butter and flour. You get the idea. This is going totally against the grain of all the January magazines & newspapers,with their ‘drop that weight’, ‘fix your bad habits’ and ‘get back on track’ mantras. Sheesh, it is January and after all we should be hibernating or eating just to stay warm. So that being said I baked a date-nut bread yesterday. It really isn’t too unhealthy, only needing 2 tlbs. of butter and not much sugar. I forgot/remembered that I didn’t have any nuts, so I substituted (and at the moment thought I was so clever) stale kashi cereal for the nuts. Well, big surprise, stale kashi cereal doesn’t magically simulate walnuts when baked. No, not even close. My Dad is a big fan of date-nut bread. He shops at Costco for those delicious Mejool (sp?) dates, and requests that my Mom not chop them too small. Growing up you could buy a Pepper Ridge Farm date nut bread that I remember you’d have to peel the paper off of. My Mom’s Mom, or as they say in danish, Mormor was a diabetic and my Mom would bake date nut breads for her when she would go to visit her. I remember her being furious after discovering the two huge loaves she had baked, to bring to Denmark, for her dear Mother, had been stripped, robbed, cut off of all 4 ends!!! The culprit, my Dad, the ends of the loaves being crisper than the core was his favorite part of the bread/s! I can still hear her reaction!