Fink, if you see our kitty. Here’s the look of ‘after Christmas’. I picked up this hand made table cloth on Saturday. It is from the Corner Cupboard Consignment shop. The woman who rang me up wondered aloud about the time it must of taken to embroider it. I love it and find myself admiring the skill it took to make it as well. It cost what you’d spend on a vinyl one. I had an empty wooden frame that I bought at the flea-market. It kind of has a tramp-art style feel to it. I bought a pair of them, and this one was in much worse shape that the other. Fingers crossed that it won’t crash to the floor. I wanted a home themed image to put in it and when I googled ‘home sweet home’, I found this amazing paper cutting. I was greatly influenced by the original. You can see it here: love the way the letters are cut. As you can see I simplified the type in mine. I don’t like the idea of ripping off someone else’s work. My piece is just for my own enjoyment and would not try to sell or pass off this as my own design.