that the snow came today, and not yesterday. Our trip to Boston went pretty well. I learned from our first trip and this time I knew how to pay our parking ticket and getting directions before leaving the garage. This time our directions led us to  Sturro drive and then the Mass Pike. I wanted to take 93 and stop for dinner at the Braintree Mall. Sadly that didn’t happen and man did we hit traffic! We even hit traffic in Providence and by then it was 7:30!  But enough of that, Sophia’s appointment went well. They definitely feel that her left leg is weaker than the other. We see an orthopedic specialist next Friday, in Providence (yay). But the Boston doctors have scheduled an EMG/NCS test, which is an electromyography of nerve conduction study for that leg. So that’s the latest. Meanwhile we have snow here and it has been at it for the last 3 hours. I’ve been putting off walking the dog, but it doesn’t look like it is going to let up. I guess I have to channel my inner inuit and brave the weather!