Hello dear readers. It’s friday! Yay! We had an exhausting morning. Sophia had an appointment in Providence at Hasbro Children’s hospital to meet with a pediatric orthopedist nurse practitioner. But first we had to find her. Oy, the rain and finding the right building in the rain and then finding a parking lot that we could actually park in. I have to say everyone we asked or who kindly approached us (we must of looked like two lost lambs) were extremely friendly and helpful. Then when we were in the right building we took the wrong elevator and were on the wrong side of the building, then we discovered we were on the wrong floor, again oy. Well we finally made it and met with N.P Clark. She was so very kind and personable. And she wants an mri of Sophia’s spine. During our visit Sophia broke down and all her frustrations with our ‘journey’ to find out the cause to her gait and foot problem came to a head. I was so grateful to have N.P Clark calmly and compassionately listen to Sophia’s fears and general fed-up-ness. So we are waiting for that mri to get approved by our health insurance. Can I throw another oy in. Thank you. On our way home I  quickly ran into Utrecht to exchange some ‘new’ (expensive) x-acto blades. They are supposed to stay sharp longer but they were so stiff and I had a tough time getting them to move through the paper. I quickly bought my usual blades, I had only tried the new-fangled ones because they were out of my usual brand. We also stopped at Trader Joe’s and Aldi, and then the library. So we are all set for a weekend of good things to eat, watch and read. Tonight we are going to see the documentary on Bill Cunningham from the New York Times. I’ve heard wonderful things about it. Here is the last of my twin pieces. I’m not 100% about it. But happy I fulfilled my goal.