What a nice start to the month, at least weatherize. Here it is sunny and in the 50’s. I finally made a papercutting to celebrate my friend’s new baby girl. It was a ‘process’ (aka struggle) to get the concept and sketch done. Fingers crossed it has a gentle trip in the mail. I cut this heart for my car mirror. It helped to cut this out while I was working on the baby piece. In other news, THE SUPERBOWL is fast approaching. Not that you could be unaware around here, as our paper has been counting down the days. I wish I could say that after 16 years of being married to a fan, I understood the game, but sadly I don’t. It is way over my head, especially when they start measuring stuff, oy. Give me a new magazine instead, and I’ll keep quiet in the background while I snack on things I claim I don’t like.