Okay, I think most of you readers know of my addiction to doughnuts. How they are my drug of choice. Well, today I had the pleasure of trying Dunkin Donuts’ heart shaped donuts. I didn’t even choose one for myself, because I thought they were cream filled. Andrew was kind enough to let me try his, and it is filled with a whipped frosting. (Mom, totally not your cup of tea) But they were so sweet and scrumptious. And the shape, too cute!!! It is like the perfect marriage of one of my favorite things to eat and one of my favorite symbols. The kids have the day off. For Sophia it was student led conferences and Andrew’s school has meetings for the staff (I think). Andrew and I enjoyed looking at Sophia’s portfolio of projects, labs, tests and art. We also  got to do a science experiment, about mass and gas. I have been listening to a book on a play-away and it’s by Sue Monk Kidd. She wrote the Secret Life of Bees. I am listening to Twilight with Pomegranates. She wrote it with her daughter and in it they travel to Greece and France. I been craving greek food and took out two dvds from the library one on Paris and the other on ancient Greece. So I will be doing some armchair traveling over the weekend. That and painting my face team colors for the BIG Game on Sunday. 😉 I love this heart themed frock and the brilliant Rob Ryan’s Valentine cut out. Shari asked about Finky, so I thought I’d let the photo do the talking. Oh, and here is my finished cardigan.