post about donuts? Good. Okay, apparently there are more than just 2 types of heart shaped donuts, look at that jelly one, is it adorable or what? In other very important news, I got my hair cut. Yours truly has aging hair, or as I like to call it hay-hair. It was in a very flat, dry, un-healthy state, so I had a deep conditioning treatment and cut done. I’m hoping that did the trick. Too bad I didn’t have a photo of before. Or of my stylist. She along with 3 other gals at Fantastic Sam’s were sporting pink or white dyed sections of their hair, face/cheek piercings, ear hole plugs and tattoos. I guess this is ‘the’ style for young people these days. It was quiet a contrast to see them working on little old lady perms and yours truly. I was proud that I could recognize my stylist’s tattoo of the sorting hat from Harry Potter, cause it just looked like a lot of black folds.