report. I have my boy home today. He is under the weather but I think already on the mend. I’ve made it clear that since he is ill there will be no computer or t.v. to interfere with his recovery. He took this news well, although it is only 10 am, we will see what might be turned on in a few hours. I am including two gratuitous photos today. One of my other boys solar heating themselves and the other of me (& my crow’s feet) and my hair cut. I will be starting sketches for a commissioned paper cutting today. Fingers crossed that they will flow and be lovely (I hope I didn’t put a kibosh on it by typing that). So that’s the latest. I started making Valentines and am feeling very eh about them. It’s a shame because I love Valentines, maybe I have too big expectations about what I can logistically make, and that I got nauseous while making them. I love seeing all the Valentine craftiness on the blogs. So that’s the news here, if you can call this ramble news. Oh, and I totally lost my cool with my firstborn. If I were to tell you what it was about, it would sound not at all that big of a deal. Last night after everyone was long in bed, I gave Marc the blow by blow, through tears no less, while I was hand washing our dishes (I officially gave up on our dishwasher in August, btw). He listened and god bless him didn’t think I had over-reacted, it felt good to let it out and move on (well sleep on it). So that’s really all the fun and games happening here.