Hello, and happy day after Valentine’s! I hope yours was sweet, either figuratively or metaphorically. Why, I’m sure you are wondering am I typing with tears in my eyes? Nothing tragic, just a tremendous head cold and a nose like a leaking faucet. I feel like pig pen today, but instead of his cloud of dirt, my cloud would be a swirling mass of germs. Here are some cookies I baked yesterday. I guess they don’t look quite as delicious after my last sentence 🙂 In the latest chapter to discover the cause of Sophia’s turned in foot, we have a spine MRI scheduled for 8 pm tonight. I was grumbling because initially I was under the impression that it was for 8 am today. We have to be there a 1/2 hour early and it is in Providence, so I was so happy to have the lab call and confirm the appointment and time. Can you imagine the fit I would of thrown if we had gone for 7:30 am, you probably would of heard me.