We/I have had a crazy morning. Archie was sick during the night and I was the one who found the results. Ugh. Thank you Kirsten, for giving me your mini wet vacuum. It got christened this morning, for sure. There are still stains on the rug, that I hope will fade once they are dry. So all the usual morning routines got off track today. No busses were missed or lunches forgotten though. Archie’s bad tummy started last night, but I foolishly thought he had an empty stomach. Fingers crossed I hope oatmeal helps. He has had it for dinner and breakfast. We had a wonderful trip to CT last week. It was filled with many treats, laughs and relaxation, just what one can use in late February. This week we welcome March and Marc’s birthday. I hope he enjoys the b-day gift/surprise we have in store for him. Yesterday Sophia and I went to Providence to meet with her RNPC and she got a mold made of her foot for a shoe insert. Her spine MRI was fine, as well as the EMG, so she didn’t know what is causing Sophia’s turned foot. We were happy to be making some progress, and look forward to getting the insert which will take a week to make. Getting to the appointment was a breeze, as we now knew which parking lot, elevator, and floor to use. Ugh, it’s not my favorite place to be. I am grateful we weren’t there for something more serious. On Sunday, Sophia and I had prepared for Downton Abbey withdrawal. We started watching ‘Lillies’ which I had seen before. I kept telling Sophia how much she would like it. I somehow forgot how strong the accents are and we both wished for subtitles! If you are interested here is a link: http://www.acornmedia.com/press/lilies.cfm.